About Us

Makeup Bliss is my place to share my passion for makeup and beauty with so many others! My goal in life is to help even just one person feel more beautiful – if that means the use of makeup, then I’m ok with that. Makeup for me is a way to enhance my natural beauty – it isn’t a mask or a way to hide, but more like a way to shine. It can also be a way to get creative and wear gorgeous colors in a fun way! If applying the perfect shade of lipstick makes me feel more confident on my way out the door, then I want every other woman (or man) out there to feel that same confidence. I want every person out there to feel confident in his/her makeup skills and feel “pretty”.

I am a Makeup Artist but my passion is teaching makeup- helping the everyday person learn how to use makeup to enhance their own unique beauty.

I ALWAYS welcome your thoughts, ideas, and requests so I can make the site a more useful place for you and everyone else.

Thanks for stopping by!

– Krystal